Easa, European Union Aviation Safety Agency, Brev om masker i lufthavnen og flyene.

Dear Easa,


I understand that you have recommended the politics in all airport and during airtransport that all people now have to wear a mask. Your recommendation is not a law, but all the airport authorities and the flight companies willingly accept your recommendation and make it into a rule. Thereby they are freeing themselves of the responsibility as they refer to your recommendations, and you are also free of responsibility as you have only given recommendations, not laws.

I would like to ask you, if you have discussed these very harsh measures with any health authorities. Are your recommendation based on an idea or on facts given by proper doctors with the health of all people as their best interest? Do you personally want this for yourself and your children, or are you being hypnotized to believe that it is a good thing?

Wearing a mask has a huge impact on your body. It reduces your intake of oxygen and makes you inhale the carbon dixoide which you have just exhaled. This is a serious health risk, especially considering the number of hours you have to wear the mask. Your respiration is no longer natural, it is limited. Breathing the fresh air is a natural right for mankind. It is basic for a living person. When you ar not breathing, you are dead. Limited breathing takes away some of the most basic human right and reduces your right to live.

Limiting peoples right to breathe freely is an attack on humanity. I would kindly ask you to reconsider your recommendations and immediately instruct all the airports and the flight companies that you now recommend free breathing and a free life where human rights are respected. This is for all future and for the world which your children are going to live in.

Best regards

Lene Bang

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