Brev til Rockefeller Foundation

Dear Sirs, dear Madams,

From your homepage, I can see that you all look like decent, good hearted people with our healths as your main interest. who believe that you work for the benefit of all people by describing worst case scenarios.

The problem is, that somehow your scenarios seem to come true. The covid19 is upon us, exactly like it was foreseen in 2010 in operation lockstep. How can this happen?

The covid19 is not a very deadly virus, but it is used by governments all over the world to generate fear, take away the freedom of people and impose a very strict new normal, training us to be order followers, and bend to even the most crazy laws. So now, we have been taken over by satanic dominance as if your description was a playbook.

If this is how it works, then please do not make more scenarios. Please turn your focus point away from worst case scenarios like terrible pandemics to only consider what is best for humanity. Describing how living a normal, healthy life may not be as colorful as worst case scenarios, but it would be much more beneficial for all people.

I now worry for your next ”scenario”. People talk about the second wave – how can anyone know that there will be a second wave unless it is planned? Talking about a second wave should be considered threats against humanity like describing terrible scenarios which might turn true, making the way for forced vaccination with the mark of the beast as it is foreseen in the bible. Yes, we are truely living in biblical times, where we all have to make a choise. Do you support the idea of a terrible scenario described in operation lockstep? The world has changed and we now see that many things described are being manifested. Therefore I beg you, before the next very dark chapter in your script, to choose to turn away from the temptations of the tecnical – and medical industry and to move your focus to a better world for everybody.

Yours faithfully,

Lene Bang

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