EASA (European Avation Safety Agency), Mr. Cristian Ionut Panait, Exemptions from requirements for masks in airports and flights.

Dear Cristian,

Thank you for your reply to my email about facemasks. However I do not share your opinion about facemasks not being of a health risk to people.

I have just been together with a friend who had travelled all the way from the Philippines to Copenhagen and she had been very unconfortable with using it for such a long time. Also her skin looked terrible. Of course the facemasks have an unhealthy effect on people as, as a human being, you are of course supposed to breathe in the fresh air and get rid of the used air. Instead of asking ”experts” from WHO or ECDC, you can ask any child about that. Do ”experts” know everything there is to know about all the people in the world. How about people suffering from mental illnesses or asthma or many other conditions.

I must call your attention to the fact that in Denmark, we have exemptions from the requirement about use of facemasks, and they do, of course also apply in the Danish airports, the airplanes as well as in the Danish air space, and the exemptions are stipulated in the ”notice about masks in public transportation” §4, rule 5, saying that ”you can remove the mask completely or partly if there is a recognisable reason for doing so, like if you feel unconfortable breathing or if you have feelings of suffocation.

I am sure, that you, as a living man would never want to cause harm to another human being and make him or her feel uncomfortable or suffocate. I cannot imagine that anyone would even consider making the rules so strict that they would hurt others. Would you be responsible for another human being getting ill or even die from lack of air? What if it was your own family or your friends or even yourself? Do you, or the company you represent, have an insurance big enough to cover people getting ill or even dying from this terror? Oh no – I forgot – you are not resposible as it is only a recommendation. The responsability is swimming around as a wet piece of soap.

We must all, in these difficult times do everything we can to make life a little less harsh for our fellow human beings, therefore I strongly appeal to you, to enforce §4, rule 5 and make it well-known, so that it will be perfectly in order to take off the mask in the airplanes and airports if you feel uncomfortable.

The rule already applies in Denmark – you can make it apply worldwide and help so many of your fellow human beings. I hope you will – soon.

Best regards
Lene Bang